Robbins and Roberts began collaborating together in 2012, after working together at Stroud Art College, lecturing alongside each other.  Discovering many similarities in their own artwork and ideas, they began collaborating and conjuring up exhibitions, installations, artworks and experiences that are rooted in playful, fantastical, anarchic displays which reference cultural and modern issues including, love, relationships, feminism, leisure and the media.



2016  Looking Up - (Group exhibition), Studio 1:1, Shoreditch, London

2016  Crazy Golf - Rainbow Mountain (group show) Goods Shed, Stroud

2016  Swan Tours, (participative performance) SITE Festival, Stroud,

2016  A MAZE, (Group Show) Goods Shed, Stroud

2016  Charity Auction, (Group exhbition) Millets Shop, Stroud

2015  Remainder,  (Duo exhibition) 4 John Street, Stroud

2015  Art Car Bootique, CHAPTER arts centre, Canton, Cardiff

2015  Crazy Golf, (Group show) Goods Shed, Stroud

2015  CREAM, (Duo exhibition) Bisley House, Middle Street, Stroud

2014  Robbins and Roberts (Gallery Space), 4 John Street, Stroud,

2014  Perky and Pinky (Duo exhibition), Hardwick Gallery, Cheltenham

2014  Up the Swanny (Duo exhibition and immersive experience), The Goods Shed, Stroud

2013  PopUp, (Group Exhibition) Landsdown Gallery, Stroud

2012   Welcome to Sugarland (Curated group show) The Golden Fish Bar, Stroud