Robbins and Roberts met whilst working at SGS Stroud Art School and have experience in working on a range of arts education and community projects.

Robbins was head of 16-18 years art courses at Stroud Art School and developed and maintained a range of external links within the local community to develop art projects and opportunities for young people.

Roberts has worked with Arnolfini Art Gallery, Bristol developing their young people's programme whilst working with YAAC (Young Arnofini Artist Collective)  and working with local schools and community groups to deliver high-quality, inclusive arts opportunities for a range of people.  More recently Roberts was responsible for the creation of MOULD, Stroud Valleys Artspace's young peoples artist collective, working closely with local young artists to create art interventions, workshops, film screenings, artist talks, installation and art cafes to bring art to a wider audience in the local area.