Champagne Swan Tours

In August 2016 Robbins and Roberts exhibited at 1:1 Studio London, 'Pixel Love' (Roberts) and 'Tiger in a tropical storm' (Robbins). At the opening preview, on a busy East-end street, passers-by were invited on a 'Champagne' Swan Tour hosted by attentive swan-pilots. Exploring themes of pleasure, travel, excess, and the absurdity of the everyday, the easy accessibility of the piece encouraged a broad participation.

Champagne Swan Tours

Champagne Swan Tours

At Studio 1.1, Redchurch Street, London, E1

Redchurch Street

Redchurch Street

Redchurch Street

Redchurch Street

The Tax Inspector's Surprise

The Tax Inspector's Surprise

(Tiger in a Tropical Storm after Rousseau)

Pixel Love

Pixel Love

Crazy Golf - Rainbow Mountain

We were invited to create the main central hole at Crazy Golf at The Goods Shed this year with Stroud Valleys Artspace.  Throughout the whole of August 2016 the Crazy Golf drew crowds from far and wide to play a round of golf in this playful fantasy wonderland.

Swan Tours - SITE Festival

SITE Festival in April 2016 saw Robbins and Roberts transporting festival goers and the general public through the streets of Stroud on their land-based, giant inflatable swans, taking all-comers on a negotiated journey over the various textures and surfaces of a rural townscape.


A MAZE was a collaborative project at The Goods Shed, Stroud. We were invited to join other artists  to create interactive and participatory artworks, installations and performance. As they passed through a tunnel of pink, shimmering curtains, the audience were lead into the maze by the sound of giggling children, and the pervading scent of strawberry bubblegum.

Charity Auction, March 2016

As a cause close to our hearts, Robbins and Roberts were more than happy to donate to an art auction in aid of the Syrian Refugee crisis. The auction, organised by Stroud Valleys Artspace, rasied over £11,000 for the charity.


Remainder was the closing event to mark the end of Robbins and Roberts Gallery residency at SVA. Referencing the construction of publically projected personality and image via social-networking platforms, this was a participatorary project exploring the boundaries of the self-portrait.

Art Car Bootique

Robbins and Roberts were invited to take part in Chapter Art Centre's annual infamous 'Art Car Bootique' in Cardiff in 2015.  Robbins and Roberts's stall was a hub of playful participative and interactive pieces, (attracting many young people) including 'Swan Rides', 'Lady Pineapple Parts' (collage activity), Lucky Lady Dip and stall selling Robbins and Roberts artworks, mugs and paraphenalia.

Crazy Golf - Fantasy Island

'Fantasy Island' was a golf hole created in July 2015 at The Goods Shed Stroud with Stroud Valleys Artspace, using exotic-fantasy symbolism, including pineapples, flamingoes and tropical flowers. The players' golf-ball passed through a series of ornate arches and islands before reaching its unattainable happy ending in a hole which returned the ball in a never ending-loop of elation and disappointment.

Perky and Pinky

An exhibition and performance event at the Hardwick Gallery, University of Gloucestershire. Explorng how the transgressive act, the carnavalesque, and provocative mimesis (as proposed by Feminist theorist Luce Irigaray) can be used to in contempoary feminist dialogue.

Image Nick Vozaitis

image Nick Vozaitis

Robbins and Roberts

Robbins and Roberts was a contemporary artist-run  gallery curated by Soozy Roberts and Lorraine Robbins, exhibiting experimental, socially engaged artists. Located in the town centre of Stroud, the recently refurbished and purpose-designed gallery space is part of Stroud Valleys Artspace (SVA) at 4 John Street. Over a 9 month period Robbins and Roberts  hosted a series of challenging and critically considered exhibitions and events, please see the Gallery page for more details.


For further details of all events at SVA please see the SVA website


Up the Swanny

Up the Swanny was an immersive exhibition experience created by Robbins and Roberts at The Goods Shed, Stroud.


Visitors entered a magical wonderland of dystopian islands, astride a giant moving swan.  Taking a ride through the debris and chaos of the old world, gliding through pools of light, into the dawn of the new.

An exhibition that explored the edges of reality; the beauty and the ugliness of a sickly sweet theme-park existence.


Welcome to Sugarland

'Welcome to Sugarland' was the first project that Robbins and Roberts collaborated on, alongside  artists, Pippa Tideman and Micha Leese.  The exhibition, presented in once The Golden Fish Bar, was a playful take on "sugar and spice and all things nice", where candy floss and pink punch were served on the opening evening.