Lorraine Robbins


Working across various media, Lorraine Robbins, irreverently references (plunders) art history and pop culture producing work that expresses a worrying cognitive dissonance.  Exploring the way that desire is manipulated, and self-doubt capitalised upon, in a  bid to sell life-stlye and image in a post-industrial society, Robbins often co-ops the methods and imagery of marketing strategists. There is a strong emphasis on the problematic portrayal of women in art and the media, and the resulting ruptures that this causes in self-image and the ego.


Robbins has undertaken residencies in the UK and Sweden and has exhibited widely, both nationally and internationally. She is a Jerwood Drawing Open award winner as well as first prize winner in the Wimbledon Studios Drawing award, given on completion of  MA in  Fine Art: Drawing  (with distinction) at Wimbledon College of Art.