Robbins and Roberts Gallery *OPENING* Saturday 18th October 2014

We are very pleased to announce the first event at Robbins and Roberts, SVA, an exhibition of photographs by young artist, Clare Bottomley, which begins on Saturday 18th October.

'Playing with the Gods' is an exhibition of photographic works by award winning artist Clare Bottomley who documents herself, family and friends in poses that often reflect upon religious iconography, addressing uncomfortable issues in society. She says of her work, "I like to consider modern day problems within my photography such as body issues, self-esteem and the pressure put upon people by the morally questionable influence of today's media." Clare was awarded the prestigious Deutsch Bank Award in 2013 whilst completing her MA at RCA, London, where she also received the RCA Fine Art Bursary in 2012.

For further details please see the SVA website and

#bodyimage #gods #women #clarebottomley #photography

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