Breathless- Neville Gabie pv/launch Friday July 3

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We're thrilled to have Neville Gabie at the gallery in July. Neville will be working closely with the young artists' group MOULD to create a new show which develops ideas from his popular 2014 artist residency, Collective Breath, at Womad Festival.


‘the breath of one thousand, one hundred and eleven people collected together and released to play a single note for 49 minutes.’

Originally commissioned for WOMAD 2014 by curators Jeni Walwin and Tammy Bedford, Collective Breath is a project by Neville Gabie which involved collecting the of breath of 1111 [one thousand, one hundred and eleven] festival goers at the WOMAD music festival.

Collected in individual three litre bags all contributions were then transferred into a single high –pressure container – the collective breath of all.

Every contributor was also invited to suggest the most appropriate location to release this unique volume of air. Based on those suggestions Collective Breath was released at Mace Head Atmospheric Research Station, Ireland, located on the western most edge of Europe, at on the 30th October 2014.

Released through an instrument made by Gabie, Collective Breath played a single note over the Atlantic Ocean for 49 minutes.

MOULD were instrumental in the making of this work. As a team they were responsible for collecting all the breath and recording all the contributor’s information over the four days of the WOMAD Festival. They were the public face of Collective Breath. Now they will reinterpret the project from their perspective specifically for exhibition at Robbins and Roberts.

Exhibition continues until 26th July. Open Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays 10-4pm

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